Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yesterday in Newport

The weather this afternoon is swinging between drizzle and snow flurries, and it's quite dark for 4 PM. Can I get a cheer for the last week of increasing darkness before the days start lengthening again? Looking out the window now, it's hard to believe that just yesterday the sun was shining, but it was! And I have proof. Take a look around Newport, Rhode Island.

I thought the word Zsolnay was someone's name, but it turns out to be a type of porcelain. Who knew?

The motto for my office project:

We had an exceptional dinner at Mamma Luisa's. We were lucky to get in early without a reservation, and the food was absolutely wonderful! Highly recommend.
The only part of the day that wasn't perfect was when we drove around the mansions expecting to see lots of Christmas lights, only to find them few and far between; I saw more lights in my neighborhood than there were in the fabulous homes. Still, can't complain about a practically perfect day.

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