Saturday, January 14, 2012

Links and Videos

A random assortment here, things I've seen and wanted to share.

I don't know much about marching bands, but this one was amazing. They're playing snippets of the songs of the different branches of the US armed services, and I don't know which was more impressive, the moving tank, the plane with smoking jets, or the submarine submerging ... fun.

Have to have some hockey; here's a nice tribute to Bobby Orr. The clips are almost unbelievable.

This has been getting its share of publicity, and deservedly so. What a work of art! (And how much work...)

What the books do when the store is closed...

This story on words and language was interesting, but Madeleine Robins (a gifted writer herself) quoted my favorite part:
Why use obscure words rather than plain ones, other than to imply intellectual superiority? Perhaps some speakers or writers wield a bulky vocabulary as a blunt tool for humiliation. But I suspect that most are driven by the pleasures of being able to dip their brush into a nuanced linguistic palette.

The Bloggess can be a bit much for me, over the top, but I keep reading her blog because she's smart, irreverent, funny, and finds things like a cardboard Tardis. COOL!

I think that will do. I have a Bruins game to watch. Tonight I'm going to knit instead of reading, so if anyone is traded mid-game, I'll hear about it.

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