Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knitting Revealed, Knitting Progressing

This weekend, I gave my friend her birthday present, the surprise knitting project that I mentioned in passing here. Which means I can show it here now!

I made her a Baktus scarf, using the Lollipop Cabin yarn I bought almost a year ago (info at the end of the Rhinebeck 09 yarn post), and not only was I pleased with how it turned out, so was she, which is much more important!

I can't actually say I loved working with the yarn (I wouldn't get it again). I had to pull out bits of straw here and there, and guard hairs, and it wasn't particularly soft (it did soften a bit with washing). Just not my style. But I loved the colors, which are subtle but especially striking in sunlight.

And it should be nice and warm! Which seems funny today, when it was hot, but will be nice for her in the cold months.

Here are some progress pictures.

With phone for scale.

On lap, at lunch, with camera shadow.

I made it almost completely on the T, and at lunchtimes.


I'm glad it turned out well, and that it's done! Meanwhile, my sock continues to fly along. Seriously, I started it last Sunday, and look at this:

Eight days!

Check out that heel.

Love the pattern, love the yarn, so happy.


  1. She certainly does love it! Thanks once again. Am dreading the weather that will make it necessary but will be glad to have it on cold days.