Thursday, December 27, 2018

Order Update

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was good, and if it wasn't, I hope you're at least happy it's over.

Mine was very good, so I have mixed feelings about being back to work. Life...

To follow up on the ordering tale from last week, let me show you some messages that came in all in a row on Saturday:
The message saying that the package arrived was true! Therefore, the auto-messages about ordering the item that I had left in my cart were not. Slight oops from Eddie Bauer, but the end result works for me.

I like the jacket, too.

I'm glad I believed the people who marked it as running small, as I got a size up from what I would have normally, and it's snug, but it still works.

It also came with a little pouch that it squeezes into!
It's a really light jacket; my mother picked up the package and didn't think it could be a jacket, but it was. Light, warm, on a great sale; I can forgive the confusion in the ordering process. They never did answer my message, btw, but the FedEx email updates did work. (The whole process has been up and down, really.)

And now I'm ready for the temperature to dip again, which should guarantee it stays warm for a while.

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goosefairy said...

So, was it $52 or $62?