Friday, December 21, 2018

An Ordering Tale, Not Yet Resolved

When I moved down here from Massachusetts, I did not bring my winter coat; the warmest thing I brought was a fleece jacket. And while I don't need a warmer coat often, I decided this fall that I did want to have the option, so I've been keeping an eye out for sales. I even ordered one from Lands End in October, on clearance, but it turned out that they went out of stock before it could ship.

On Monday, I saw an email from Eddie Bauer promising 50% off everything, plus a $10 credit for me. Sounds good! It's not the first sale I saw, on their site and others, but so far I hadn't found anything I liked enough to be worth the cost to me. I went to their website to see if anything appealed this time.

I did find a jacket I liked, and while it was originally $119 (far more than I want to pay for a jacket I won't use much, even one of good quality), with the half-off-plus-$10, and free shipping, it turned out to be $52.47, and that I can live with. I filled in all my info and clicked on the 'buy' button. It took a few moments, then gave me a message that something went wrong, so sorry, try again.

Hmm. I clicked on the shopping cart, but it informed me that my cart was empty. Hmm.

I went to my email, and there was a message that they had received my order. It had an order number and everything. Okay then, it went through!

Later on Monday, though, I got one of those automated did-you-forget-something messages that some sites will do if you leave something in your shopping cart. So it didn't go through, then? I went to the website and sent them a message to ask, did it or didn't it?

On Tuesday, I looked at my credit card website, and the pending payment showed up there, which would imply that the order did go through. And on the Eddie Bauer website, the order was on my account (although only showing the full price of the item, not what I paid). So, maybe it did go through? Still no answer to my message to them, though.

Today, I got another email from them: your order has shipped! But: the message shows the price as $62, not $52. Interesting. Looked at the credit card again, it does show $52, but it's still pending, so that's not set in stone.

This story doesn't have a tidy resolution yet. I guess I'll find out on Monday if the FedEx truck shows up with a package for me. If not before: I signed up for email updates from FedEx, so if that works, I'll know when it starts moving my way. Crossed fingers!

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goosefairy said...

Well THAT'S all kinds of frustrating!