Thursday, August 18, 2016

TBT: Kitten Edition

No, I don't have any kitten pictures of Carlos; that's one of the downsides to adopting an adult cat (another is not knowing for sure how old he is, but really, overall I'm not trying to discourage anyone; obviously you can really lucky out with an adult cat, I did!). But it's how I can explain what I did last night, when I wasn't here.

Remember back in January, when I went to visit the kitten my friends gave their kids for Christmas? And then in April, I got to visit her again?

Well, they decided to get another one, to keep the first one company (she's so social, they were hating to leave her alone, like, ever).

She is wee, this new one. The photo doesn't fully convey how teeny.
Her bigger sister is, of course, bigger, but more than that, there's solid under her fluff! I mean, I don't know how much larger she looks than she did a few months ago, but when you pick her up, wow.
They aren't identical, but they're not easy to tell apart in photos at a glance. This is the best shot I got for a size comparison.
Anyway, I took tons of pictures, but they'll have to wait for the weekend, I have a busy schedule of swimming and then collapsing in exhaustion tonight.

Almost Friday!

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