Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Grump Alert, Grump Alert, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop (followed by cute pictures)

So, yeah, last night was kind of a down period Chez Cat Hair. Though, to be clear, it was a night of sitting on the couch eating ice cream, but not sitting on the couch sobbing into the ice cream. In case anyone was worried! Definitely disappointing, but not despair. Anyway. Now that I'm officially 0-for-2 on the interviews so far this year, I just have to keep looking. It isn't a case of just finding something/anything to apply for, after all; I'm not looking for A Job, I'm looking for The Right Job. I have A Job. It pays the bills. It hasn't given me an official ulcer yet (although, the high blood pressure...?). I don't want to be indiscriminate when I don't have to. I want the right fit, a good company, all that stuff. It's hard to find, but I have to believe I will find it, eventually. (Right?)(Lie to me.)

I will say that with these recent disappointments, it's harder to deal with the annoyances of my current job this week. For instance, it's still cold in the office, and apparently no one in charge finds the fact that I have to wear five layers in order to not be too cold to work at all important. Way to value the employees, there, guys. If only my righteous indignation warmed me, but I don't find that to be the case.

We did just hear about the "holiday party" for this year. Thankfully, we are not repeating last year's mid-afternoon, three-plus-hour marathon at the fondue place. Instead, we'll be having lunch brought in to the office*, with champagne**, to go with an hour-long "year in review presentation summarizing our key achievements for 2013 and goals for 2014". Whoopie. Nothing says holiday party like PowerPoint. There may also be an after-work outing for drinks or dinner, but on the day they chose, I have a haircut scheduled after work, so I'll have to see if she can fit me in another night; if not, I'm not passing it up for the joy of socializing with my coworkers.
*And if I have to make arrangements for said lunch, I'm going to be pretty annoyed
**Which I don't drink

I know, I'm very grouchy. Just call me Eeyore. Hopefully some good sleep this weekend will help me get back to minimal, usual levels of grump. I'm going out with friends on Sunday for some Christmassy fun, and that should be a mood elevator, too. Though don't discount the importance of sleep. I suffer from a chronic condition I call NES: Never Enough Sleep. (Though the full name would be NESEWLO: Never Enough Sleep Except When Laid Off.) Anyway, to show that I haven't completely lost my sense of humor (it's dented but not destroyed), here are some things that have amused me recently, beyond enjoying (or snarking at) the Christmas lights while driving home.

Waterstones has a great response to the news about Amazon testing drones for delivery. Love a corporate sense of humor!

So like cats:

I like to think I give off this vibe on the subway, enough to not need the vest:

This looks so uncomfortable. And yet, would kitty be asleep if it was?

What a good dog:

And yes, I totally do this:

Who doesn't? Like I'm not going to answer him? Mind you, sometimes I say, "I love you too, baby," and sometimes I say, "What is your fucking problem?" But still. We talk.


Mary Ellen said...

I answer the cats too. But I'm sure you already knew that. Did you ever ask about having a little space heater type thing at work? (A very safe little heater that won't be a fire hazard, even?)

goosefairy said...

You may be grumpy but this was a great post.

1) I LOVED the Waterstones story and the comments were priceless.

2) I'll need to practice that vibe when I have to start taking Metro again.

3) Kittys are boneless. I thought you knew.

4) I saw another response to the last image which was, "That's not crazy. It's just being polite". HAHAHAHA. Yes, we all talk back to our animals in my house and, I believe as a result, they are very talkative to us.

I'm sending wishes and good thoughts your way on the job hunting.