Monday, December 02, 2013

​ Are we all this tired?

Oh, I am so tired, folks! I had a great time, but wow, did the last week ever knock me sideways. Does anyone else need a jump-start to shake off Thanksgiving? It amazed me this morning, as I got ready for work, to think that in three weeks, I would be going to the airport instead, heading to my mother's for Christmas. It's one thing to know that Thanksgiving falls late this year, but whoa!

Anyway, too tired tonight to get into all the crazy fun wonderful events of the past week (including another phone interview, for a different job!), but we'll see how tomorrow plays out. Hopefully I can get it all down before it's too-too old news. I'll give you some hockey-related holiday fun to watch: the Chicago Gay Hockey Association, singing All I Want for Christmas is You.

Not just dancing along while lip-synching, but singing! Conga line, or crack the whip! Some of them have better voices than others (which lends an air of verisimilitude, anyway), but overall they do a great job, and I love the kick line on skates! Thanks as always to Puck Daddy for the share.

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