Friday, February 25, 2011

A Friday Tale of Woe (and then whoa)

My emotions have been up and down like a roller coaster this afternoon/evening. I hate when I have my period and get all stupidly emotional about something that really isn't a big deal, but it is, it's a blight on my life! My plans! Everything is ruined!

I mean, everything isn't ruined. Wasn't. Isn't. I know that. Knew that. But.

Stupid hormones.

Here's the situation: remember I mentioned yesterday that I had to take the car back to the shop today for one more thing? That was for a new rim*, since it turned out the old one was the cause of the soft tire I had. They ordered me one yesterday, used and possibly "scratched" but essentially whole and fully functional, which is all I care about.

*Actually, a used rim; do I strike you as someone who cares what her rim looks like? Or even someone who could accurately point to the part of the wheel that is rim rather than tire? Especially cares enough to pay twice as much?

And then it didn't come in today, supposedly because the supplier sent it to the wrong place. Did the shop call me? No. Did they care that they're messing with my plans? Not so you could tell. "Yeah, sorry, not our fault, it'll be here Monday," was the tone of the conversation.

I hung up in much ire and wroth, because even in my I wanna go state, I wasn't sure driving that much on the spare tomorrow was particularly a good idea. But I really wanna go! Maybe, I thought, I could drive to my friend's house, and she could drive the other segment? I e-mailed her, and she relayed some very helpful and not at all cheerful information: that the storm which brought my part of the state rain (and a wintry mix at work this morning) had brought her area a few inches of snow, topped with rain and then freezing rain.

Not, I think we can all agree, something to drive in on a spare tire. Not if you have a choice, certainly.

Humph! I said to myself! Humph!

And then, ding! Bright idea!

I called the shop and asked if by any chance they had a loaner I could have this weekend. The girl there first informed me that no, she didn't have anything ... then said, "But I should have one coming in later tonight, if you want it." Uh, yeah!

So, I will go to the shop in the morning and pick up the loaner. She assured me that she will leave a note, and the car will not be given to anyone else. Should that not be the case, and there's no car when I get there ... well, I think you'll be able to hear me from where you are (wherever you are). But as long as it is there, and my Day Out West is saved, then all is sunshine and rainbows and flowers. (I do want to think it's meant to be. After all, today's mail brought me a $10 rebate card and the Webs catalog, which seems like a sign, don't you think?)

Nonetheless, I will be sleeping with fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed b/c I have a baaaaad feeling about this. I hope I'm wrong and you enjoy your trip in a lovely loaner.

Kate P said...

That was a bright idea--I hope it works out!

Jennifer said...

fingers crossed too my friend. have fun.

Leslie said...

Crossed fingers that the car is there for you. I know the weather is lovely today -- because Webs will have plowed their lot and sanded it, just as the roads will have been plowed and treated. My yard and walk ways? Not so much :(