Sunday, May 09, 2021

Getting Stuff Done, random bits edition

If you are a person who happily celebrates it, happy mother's day; if it's a hard day for you, for whatever reason, I'm sorry, and I hope it's passing quickly for you.

I got my mom what she wants, which is caramel corn from Garrett's, and a fun card. She doesn't want much, but what I did made her happy, so that works for me.

I've been puttering about today, getting stuff done, and while I don't feel like I did all that much, by mid-afternoon my body was pretty clear that it was time to stop, sit down, and quit it.

But I have the airbed inflated, as well as space in the room for the airbed to fit. And bedding to put on the bed. And I did other exciting things like paying my bills and cleaning the coffeemaker. And, I don't know what else, it doesn't feel like that much, but I'm tire, all right. 

Very much hoping that for the rest of the week, I will continue to say "no jury duty tomorrow."

Thank you to Angela for mentioning the BHG recipe for quiche: we're going to give it a try. Mom had a recipe that she used many years ago, but she wasn't pleased with how it came out this time, so we're trying other ways.

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AlisonH said...

We are so fortunate to be able to tell our moms we love them.

I got mine a box of different cheeses--in part because she loves them, and because my dad would have loved it, too, and what would have been his 95th is coming right up. She was widowed just a few months before the shutdown and it just seemed the right thing to give. Sweets are not her style, but cheese is.