Friday, May 07, 2021

Day One: Reprieve

I checked the website, and there are no trials Monday! Phew, that's a relief. I hope it's the same all next week.

The waiting to find out made for a tense day (made worse by our havingwifi problems today, not yet solved), and I thought of one thing that I could do to feel in control of something. My current pair of socks-in-progress are close to being done, plus there's the black being hard to see in some lighting.

So I picked out a skein of lovely and light-colored yarn:

Wound it, and cast on. I don't know for certain that I'll be allowed to bring knitting into the courthouse, that part I can't control, but if not, I can go back to the car and leave it there. Starting this felt good anyway.

Happy Friday. 

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AlisonH said...

I love the honeybee socks, and they're almost done! The new one reminds me of roseate spoonbills.