Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What's Really Important Here

So, yeah, I could complain about still being congested, or about how badly I slept last night for no discernible reason, but let's get to the fun stuff: new cat plans.

Last Friday night, the cat shelter where I've been going kitten-socializing had an event for the volunteers, and I made sure to speak with Jim, who is one of the founders and very involved. He was very supportive of my quest, in terms of knowing what I want:
  • an adult: no kitten hijinks!
  • a single cat who is okay being an only cat, or possibly a bonded pair, like siblings, who already get along
  • a laid-back, relaxed, friendly cat; I know I can't replicate Carlos, but I want those features--don't give me a cat who won't be picked up, and never wants to snuggle
Jim said that he would be glad to go with me to the Humane Society and talk to the people there, who he knows well, to make sure that I get what I'm looking for. I really appreciated that he wants to make the right match for both sides; of course that's how a good adoption process should go.

He said that going on a Sunday would be fine with him, and we laid the framework: I couldn't do last Sunday (theater with Mum), nor next Sunday (day before colonoscopy, ugh), and he said he thought the following weekend he had company in town, but I'll touch base with him in a few weeks and we'll figure out the day. Maybe by Thanksgiving, I'll have a furry friend to be thankful for!

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