Thursday, October 25, 2018

Oh, Wow, Look at the Moon*

(Considering all I had to say about my dentist experience yesterday, I found it hilarious that I received an email from them today inviting me to "provide feedback" on the visit. Oh, yes, let me do that.)

I have a couple of crappy photos to share, which illustrate just how little I understand the movement of the moon in the sky.

This is Wednesday morning.
It's dark when I take my coffee and the paper out on the lanai these days, but I noticed an unusual glow to my right, and when I stood up, I could see the moon next to the building.

Now this is Thursday. Do you see how in the Wednesday photo, there are two parallel lights just above and to the left of the moon, and in the photo below, they are lower than the moon?
Roughly the same time, and the moon was much higher. Huh.

Yesterday's Boynton calendar cartoon was pretty apt.

*Recognize the quote? The title comes from the classic 1979 Doonesbury strip with Rick and Duane.

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