Sunday, October 21, 2018


Well, slowly getting better, slowly, slowly. The last bit of congestion lingers, giving me a runny nose and tickling cough, and wow, is the gravity turned up high in here or is it just me, but I feel slightly better than I did yesterday, so perhaps I'll be all right.

I did summon the energy to go kitten-visiting today, which was very therapeutic. This little handful purred and purred.
And her brothers were friendly, too.
Paws up!
They're about four weeks old, and were rescued from a drainage ditch. Two of them are pre-adopted already, though, so that's the good news!

There's another litter of littles next to them. My mother pointed out that this one looks kind wolf-like, or maybe fox-faced.
You'd never guess that there were three kittens on top of the cat bed and one underneath until you looked closely.

Watching me.
Yes, I know you're there.
That's Bailey, and this is Peter:
They're in a cage together, though not related, and Peter, who was veryvery shy to start, is coming out of his shell. They both love the fishing pole toy, and I sat in the cage and dangled it around for over a half hour (the kittens in the next cage over watching attentively), while they leapt and pounced and had a wonderful time. I imagine they were asleep shortly after I left.

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  1. Orange long-haired cats are my favorite, but some of those others are sure cute, too! Is one of these going to come home with you eventually?