Thursday, December 07, 2017

Status Report

A few points on the current state of things around here:
  • I went to a website today looking for Christmas gifts, and although I did find one, I also got a perfect-for-them card for a friend's birthday in, oh, nine months. Who wants to lay odds that I won't be able to find it at the time?
  • The vet's office sent me a sympathy card for Carlos, signed by about a dozen people in the office, which was very sweet and totally unexpected.
  • It's not that I expected to feel any better about his dying only three weeks later, but it frustrates me that some days are better and some days are worse, and I can't seem to affect that. I've been trying to get to bed extra early, in hopes that a good night's sleep will help, but clearly that isn't the only factor. I'm so tired of feeling this way, missing him so much, so often.
  • Alert the media: Local Woman Announces That Grieving Sucks. Story at 11.
  • I'm working on a hurry-rush-rush report for work that, while it isn't the worst-written I've ever seen, has a bunch of problems repeated over and over, relating to grammar/punctuation rules and points from our internal style guide. Over and over, I'm: 
    • changing "which" to "that" (and, much less often, "that" to "which"); 
    • changing "however" to "but"; 
    • making subjects and verbs agree; 
    • making a company singular ("Pfizer is," not "Pfizer are"); 
    • changing commas to semicolons, and adding missing commas, and adding missing periods, and and and. Again, not the worst ever, but annoying.
  • On the hopeful-positive side, I have to return it by the end of next Thursday, which I am hoping means that there will be less pressure after that.
  • The other day, I found an old song (well, the 80s are a long time ago, even I have to face that) running through my head for no apparent reason. I tracked it down, and was surprised at how much I can still sing along with. Deep memory.


  1. Cut yourself some slack, it's only been three weeks. It's going to take more time, as much as that sucks. I still miss every single cat I've ever had, and I've had a lot. Each one with their own peculiar quirks. I carry them all in my heart.