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Florida Report: Everything Except the Boat Ride in the Everglades

Based on the photos I took last week, I can break the trip report into two halves: the boat tour, and everything else (not literally, but close; it reminds me of one trip I took years ago to San Francisco, which by the photos was "CCR goes to the SF Zoo, oh and visits her brother"). So here is the everything else part!

Before I start, one thing that doesn't come with a photo: as I was driving in, I saw a sign on a car wash that said "Expunge Filth and Detritus"; nice!

Anyway, I took a flight down on Saturday that left around lunchtime and got in for dinner. Just like my trip at Christmas, we landed early and had to sit on the tarmac for a while waiting for the gate to be open. I hope this isn't a new trend, as it is very irritating. So close! But eventually they let me off, and we got my suitcase and went on to Outback for an early dinner, delicious as always.

Before we leave the airport, though, let me mention that we saw some animals grazing on the grounds as we drove out, which is not something either of us ever remember seeing there. Birds, yes, mammals, no. We really only caught a glimpse, and my impression was that they were fairly small, sort of like a deer or mule, but with a wide, tapering snout that seemed wrong for either. All my googling could not help us track it down, so for now it remains a mystery.

Saturday night we sat on the lanai, catching up, and following along the Bruins game on the radio via my tablet: they won 7-3, so obviously that was a lot of fun. Sunday we had a leisurely morning before deciding to lunch at a favorite spot. Well, in season the wait for an outdoor table was almost an hour, but happily they have an observation deck overlooking the waterway, so we passed the time quite pleasantly. Some of these photos were taken while waiting, and some after we were seated. As you can see, it was pretty overcast, but warm, ah.

Fun boat name number 1: Silver Lining.
This sailboat was advertising a hotel, but I actually like the blue sail.
Fun boat name number 2: Irish Wake.
A tow boat! I don't remember seeing one of those before.
I also don't remember seeing a pirate ship before! They floated about for a bit, then were challenged by a guy in a rowboat and had a water-gun fight with him (he lost) before they went on their way.
That afternoon, we walked down to the beach, which was its usual lovely self.
Heading toward sunset.
This is why I am spoiled for beaches without shells.
Someone sculpted sand at the seashore.
For dinner, we had our leftovers from the night before, and it was another peaceful evening hanging out.

Monday's breakfast was a rerun of Sunday's, and lest you think that is a complaint, let me show you perfection:
After that, I worked on the lanai, which makes for a certain squintiness of contrast that I feel was worth it, breaking for lunch, of course. For dinner, we had good Italian at a little restaurant in a strip mall nearby; they have outdoor seating, which was tolerable even before the heater got turned on, but it does strike me as funny to be having the nice-restaurant experience while overlooking a parking lot and a CVS. Good food, though! Back on the lanai, I got to listen to the Bruins lose, which wasn't quite as much fun, but that's this season for you.

Tuesday morning, amid weather that started cloudy cool and overall not that nice, but improved, I finished up the report I had, and as I was told there was nothing waiting for me, we went out to lunch.

I did not have the crabs, but liked the sign anyway.
But in this case, the outside seating had a waterway view, and that means pelicans.
"Get my good side."
Two nappers and a bather, on posts.
Fun boat name number 3: Thesis. As in, "What are you doing today?" and "Working on my thesis."
Fun sign inside.
From there, since no work had indeed come in, we headed to Everglades City for the boat tour, described here. Home in time for leftovers for dinner, yum again.

Wednesday morning, and I grabbed the camera for the orange shot. In case you thought that "orange" was a single color.
It's unreal that something tasting so good is healthy,
My mother went off for some appointments Wednesday morning, and I hung about until work came in, which it did. When she got back, we took a break for a beach walk, as there were storms coming in that would prevent it from being a good idea at my normal end-of-day time (I just worked later instead). It was a good walk, but with a really strong wind that was rawther chilly.

After I finished working, we relaxed a bit, then went through the rain to the local sports bar to have dinner and watch the first period of the Bruins game, since it was on the national network. Their sign (which I have taken photos of before) brought up an interesting point:
It was fun to be able to see the game, not just hear the radio! Of course we listened to the rest on the radio, but that's not the point. It was another good night for them (like Saturday had been, and Monday had not).

Thursday was work, with a mid-afternoon break to have coffee with my mother's card group, and dinner out yet again, oh the tragedy of visiting my mother and eating well all week.

I took pictures of the shells I picked up, Sunday:
And Wednesday:
Friday we had lunch outside-ish: the place has tables in the sun and under a cover, and we were in the chilly-in-the-breeze shade. There was a gorgeous hibiscus there.
I also cast on for the next socks, to have for travelling, though I wasn't quite done with the last pair (they're ready for the kitchener as of tonight, as it happens).
There were some fun signs around.
And the shirt, if you can't make out the legend, says the restaurant is "Locally World Famous," which makes as much sense as anything, right?
Manatee boating notice.
And a bumper sticker on the way to the car.
Sock progress. From a slip knot to an M to a square.
And that takes us to Friday evening, and the airport, and dinner, and hanging out, and going through security, away from Mum, toward Carlos.

Who, by the way, still isn't over my having gone away. And I was out for a few hours after work, which displeased Himself mightily. He suffers so.


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