Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Oh. Huh.

I had the locksmith here this morning*, rekeying my door locks--and before you ask, sure, I could have done it myself, it's something I've done in the past, but as the arthritis in my hands gets worse, year by year, I choose to outsource things that are easier with hand strength--and he was a super-nice guy** (and, unfortunately, old enough to be my father, so nothing that way). At one point he called to me that he was getting something out of his truck because the door sticks and he can't just leave it like that***, and after I called a fervent thank you, I thought about it.
*Working-from-home benefit again!
**Carlos begs to differ, but I thought so.
***And if I hadn't already been confident in his work (he's through the local hardware store), that would cement it. No extra change, he just couldn't leave it like that.

That door has stuck since I moved in. It's not I-can't-open-this levels of stuck, it just requires an extra pull to open, and care in closing to get it to shut without slamming, and I kind of never thought twice about it. Not that I didn't think it could be fixed, just that it never occurred to me to wonder if it could be fixed. And he came along and did something to the hinge, I think, it took about a minute, and now it opens and closes beautifully (which will take some getting used to, trust me).

It makes me wonder what else I'm living with that is easily fixable. Well, I can think of one thing offhand that I've never bothered to have fixed: the bottom dishwasher rack won't stay pulled out, but rolls back as soon as I take my hand off it. It bugged me like mad at first, but I got used to it before I got around to calling about getting it fixed. Still, there are probably other things, right? I wonder if I could hire a handyperson to come over and spend a few hours looking for problems? Would that be weird? Just to look around and give advice, see what's easy to fix, or even not as easy but you should fix that before it gets worse?

What am I not seeing, you know? With my blinders of long occupation? And lack of general handiness?

P.S. As he worked on the hallway door, which happens to be where I have a collection of Bruins memorabilia on the wall, the locksmith called, "You aren't a Bruins fan, are you?" And I said, "What makes you think that?" And he said, "Oh, just a hunch."


Blogger goosefairy said...

Wow, you don't see that level of professionalism much anymore. I wonder if he also does handyman stuff. You could check with him.

11:46 AM, March 09, 2016  
Blogger Alice said...

I want to hire your guy as my personal handyman!

5:31 PM, March 09, 2016  
Blogger Ramona Aguilar said...

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4:27 AM, May 02, 2016  

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