Saturday, March 05, 2016

Back to the Farm: Fiber Day, that is

Today was the second Farm Fiber Day at the Wayland Winter Farmers Market, and this time I went with friends, making it even more fun. And, this time I brought my camera, so you get to see some of what I saw. (Not the crowds, though; there were times when I couldn't have gotten my camera out of my bag. I did leave my coat in the car this time, and wore layers, which helped with temperature control.)

Versus last time, it was cold but not too cold, the parking lot was even busier and harder to navigate, and though we made an effort to get there earlier, I still wasn't in time for marble bagels--oh well. I got some others and they are/were still good.

Even before we got in, we could see hints that we were in the right place. Like this plate.
On a car that also had this sticker.
And on another car, this wheel cover, wow. I wonder if they only put it on for trips like this?
There it is, the food truck with a pizza oven.
Once again, though, I went for hand pies from the Roving Lunch Box: chicken pot pie before going in, curry lentil on the way out, both delicious.

One of the vendors I bought from was A Hundred Ravens, and I noticed their little well-dressed mascot atop the display rack.
I also loved this tree display at Good Karma Farm, though the branches were a little bit of a hazard in a crowded space.
These braids of roving caught my eye, though I am not now, nor am I currently interested in becoming, a spinner. But so cool.
If you click on this picture to make it bigger, you can see that the woman in the white sweater is wearing one of the wig-hat-whatever-head-cover-things, like the heads on the table are. They make me laugh, but I can't really explain them. (I think the locks come from sheep, but why make them into wigs...?)
This woman told me that she dyes with plants that she grows herself or gathers in the woods. The colors are so cool!
What came home with me: one skein of Iachos, a fingering weight from A Hundred Ravens, colorway Graphium; and three skeins of worsted 60/40 Wool/Alpaca from Good Karma, the squishiest loveliness, I want to cast it on Right Now but don't know what yet.
But it is happy yarn. I need to get a better picture of the colors, though.


Blogger goosefairy said...

What pretty yarn! I'm kind of surprised you went with blue though (wink wink)

8:58 AM, March 06, 2016  

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