Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Went Out: Wiped Out

I was out of the house for less than an hour (returning an overdue library book and blitzing through the grocery store), though the woman in front of me at the register tried her best to make it longer, but the whole thing was so exhausting, I'm going to get ready for bed now. It's good to have food again (I wasn't out altogether, just out of a lot), but man, I have no stamina right now.

And of course, spending the day reading something written by a person who used "important" when he meant "import" is not helping, I'm sure. (Not in the sense of "a matter of great import," which is just a little affected, but in the sense of "The country may important a great many drugs." Yes really.)

So I will leave you with this line, which I read and enjoyed.
Firelight is like a bathtub--everyone can sing in it.
~~Mrs. Appleyard's Year, by Louise Andrews Kent 
Like it? Have one you like better?


Blogger Kate P said...

I couldn't get out of the grocery store fast enough today, either!
I hope you are feeling a little better. People around here had the same thing you have and it does take a while to go away. Don't you wish people would keep their germs to themselves? (Says the librarian who had to tell a second grader to stop licking the worksheet I was about to collect today. Ugh.)

Intriguing line--I haven't read much worth talking about lately, so I wish I had a good line to recommend.

11:53 PM, March 16, 2016  

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