Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend, Wiped Out

I didn't mean to go silent all weekend, but it turns out that my "feeling better" actually meant that I had the energy to do my few planned activities, and not one bit more. So it was, by sick standards, a good weekend, but by well standards, slacking. Oh well. It really is better than not feeling any better, but I'm still drooping.

So what did I do, you ask? Saturday's Big Event was the north shore yarn crawl, an event I have enjoyed (according to my blog archives) since 2010. Whoa! Pretty crazy. It was a good time, and I think I'll wait until I've photographed the yarn to go into detail. Suffice it to say that it was fun, I took it easy, and I was still just exhausted by the time I got home.

Sunday morning I took it easy, slept in, read the Globe, talked to my mother, then finally got moving and went to meet my friends for lunch. There were half a dozen of us, it was pleasant, the food was good, we lingered and talked ... and then I went home and was a slug on the couch for an hour because man, I have no stamina right now!

Soon enough it was time to get up, though, for a family-style dinner that was fun (and delicious) but a little chaotic for my energy level, or lack thereof. I hated to kind of eat and run, but I had no choice, and I was in bed about half an hour after I got home. Man! So glad to be improving, but so ready to feel good again.

You'll notice I'm not even talking about the snow. Yeah. It snowed overnight. First day of spring. Great. But it was melting by this afternoon, so I will try not to hold a grudge.



Blogger goosefairy said...

Sorry to see you're still sick. As to the snow, you were the first person I thought of when I heard the weather reports!

9:24 AM, March 22, 2016  

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