Wednesday, March 02, 2016


I don't know quite why I'm so tired, but here I am, just after 8, yawning and contemplating bed. Carlos suggests that paying more attention to the cat is the cure for all problems, but given that I brought the laptop to the couch so that he could have my company while I compute, I don't think he has a paw to stand on there.

So here's this: I don't think I've shared weird movie ratings with you in a while, so here are some new ones.

One rude gesture is PG-13: how many would have bumped it up to R?
Nice alliteration.
I'm not clear on why sci-fi thematic elements affect the rating. Like, saving the universe? Couldn't be rated G?
I'm also not sure how to take this one.
Little consolation? Bummer.
Ah, life. How existential.
I'm not the only one who had to look up oneiric, right?
I almost want to see this just to find out what that sounds like.



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