Monday, March 14, 2016

Still Hanging In, In a Few Bullets

  • Yes, I still don't feel well. But no worse! I'm hanging on to that. 
  • I was able to work today. Which is a mixed blessing given the report I have at the moment (my boss called it "hilariously bad" and I have to agree, as I would rather laugh than otherwise), but they're in a hurry for it, so it's good if I don't have to add sick days to the timeline.
  • Though I will, if I get worse. Pray for me that it doesn't come to that. My temper, if this goes longer than a week!
  • I put off the chiropractor and passed on stitch and bitch, to take it easy tonight.
  • I've been reading on the couch with Carlos, and I'm going to have some dinner now, and get ready for bed early. At least, due to the bug, I'm not fighting the daylight-saving-must-go-to-bed-early imperative.
  • Morning still came too early today, and likely will tomorrow.
  • Hang in there. We can do it.


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