Monday, February 29, 2016

In Between

I'm working on the Florida Report (other than boat tour), but it isn't done yet, and won't be tonight, what with the chiropractor and stitch and bitch*, plus still being travel-tired. I mean, I had the whole weekend to recover, and I somewhat did, but I'm still tired, unfortunately.
*And getting back a bit later than otherwise tonight due to waiting with a friend after SnB for the police to come look at her car, which was in a bit of an accident while she was inside: she came out to a note from a good Samaritan** who had seen another car hit hers, twice, while trying to park, and got the plate number
**I really hope that was legit, and not some scam of its own. I want to believe...

To get the trip with frequent-flier miles, I ended up taking a return flight that landed near midnight Friday. The flight itself was fine, largely because, faced with only middle-seat availability, I splurged and paid extra for the even more space seat, and ended up with three seats to myself, which was wonderful. However, waiting for the luggage, then waiting for the parking shuttle bus, then waiting for another after the first one was full, then going to check out of the lot and having to read the woman the code on my prepaid voucher about 10 times (her scanner was down, but still), well, all that meant it was 1:15 before I was home, and though I was in bed about half an hour later, it took me a long time to fall asleep, and then I woke up about 4 times to use the bathroom, due to all the water I drank, and, well, I was a zombie on Saturday. (I had lunch plans with a friend, but she had to reschedule, and that was probably for the best.) And still tired Sunday, and still tired today; slightly headachy, too. I'm going to bed.

But hey, don't forget to vote tomorrow, if you're in a state with a primary! We sane people have work to do, this year.


Blogger Alice said...

Siiiiigggghhh those Fla pics are making me jealous. I'm supposed to go to Boca in April, but my family (including my extremely rational scientist sister!) is pretty adamant that i should not go Somewhere With Mosquitos That Might Have Zika By That Time while pregnant. Which i can sort of see their point about.

Yay super Tuesday! Keep America sane, other sane people!!

5:11 PM, March 01, 2016  

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