Friday, March 11, 2016

I Can Manage a Few Pictures

I'm feeling about the same as yesterday: bit of a cough thing, and exhaustion like a two-hundred-pound elephant is sitting on my shoulders. Happily, having put off lunch plans with a friend for tomorrow (sigh... but if I have germs, don't want to give them to her and the kids), my weekend will involve a whole lot of resting, and not much else. Before I go to bed, have some images.

Someone (that I don't know) tweeted this yesterday:
And I can't believe I never noticed that these two great players have jersey numbers that equal 100. They are perfect! (Not really. But they are really, really good.)

A few more movie ratings from this morning's Globe. There were a couple of reviews that had nothing parenthetical, and I got worried, until I saw these.
Would "privileged maundering" be better or worse than the non-privileged kind? Are both subject to an R rating? Discuss.

This one, I already saw the preview for.
Because it is about sheep, it was mentioned on a knitting blog. Yes, I would go see a movie, in Icelandic, because it is about sheep. What can I say? Knitters are weird.

The other day, I saw this, and could only say, amen, brother.
It truly is.

And finally, this.



Blogger Mary Ellen said...

"Privileged Maundering" is an excellent description of everything Morrissey says. (Also, the name of my Morrissey cover band.)

6:13 PM, March 11, 2016  

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