Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Of News Good and Not So Good

The good news is that the weather was lovely today, setting a temperature record in Boston.
I opened multiple windows, and even though I usually (wind and weather permitting) keep one window open an inch or two for Carlos, and really appreciate the fresh air even when it's cold, I do forget what actual fresh air coursing through the place is like. It smells so good! You get used to it being a bit stale, I guess, and that's a good thing, but wow, I am liking this.

And no, the bad news isn't that it won't stay this warm; I wish it would, but no one expects that here in March, even irrational me.

No, the bad news is that last night, I noticed a little tickle at the back of my throat, which I actually thought might be a bit of cat hair that was stuck and wouldn't clear out. But this morning when I woke up, before I even sat up in bed, I felt kind of lightheaded, and I almost fell over once or twice doing radical things like "trying to kick off my slippers" and "drying off after my shower"--things that, even though I am a klutz, do not normally send me sideways. And by mid-morning, neither of these things had gone away, and I had to admit that I just don't feel right. Not quite sick, not quite well. Come on, immune system, kick into gear!

My throat isn't quite sore, isn't quite a cough, but is a little That Way, and I also noticed, as I think I do every time I get something like this, that the vast majority of the snacks I have in the house are not soft. Pretzels are scratchy, crackers too, granola bars, cookies make crumbs ... nothing that slides smoothly down. I'm not sure what I could keep in the house against times like these, but I am motivated to think about it.

And to go to bed early. I was up late last night, what with the Bruins game going to overtime AGAIN (and they won, again, don't get me wrong, that's good, but for two games that started at 7:30 on successive nights to both go to OT is a bit much)... wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, what with the game and a new book (ahem), I got to bed late, so I'm hoping a good solid night's sleep will help me feel better tomorrow.

Or at least not worse?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Oh, you have the bug that's going around. It seems to pass quickly, at least. Rest and feel better!

9:38 PM, March 09, 2016  

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