Sunday, January 10, 2016

Random Items

Coherence? What's that? I wouldn't know. Let's go to the pictures and see what we have.

In the Globe recently, a rerun of what is probably my all-time favorite Doonesbury cartoon.
To this day, when there is a particularly nice moon, I will still say, "Oh, wow, look at the moon." In a Valley Girl accent.

A few more movie ratings (I created a label on the blog for them, as I have a feeling I won't stop noticing, and sharing, them any time soon). How do you feel about cheap thrills?
Yes or no? What about graphic nudity in puppets?
Would that be different from how you feel about it not in puppets?

In other language-related news, a book I got for Christmas. Made for me, right?
Mind you, I try NOT to judge ... but, yeah, I do tend to at least notice.

The purse sock headed around the corner this weekend. "Look what it did, it turned a corner!"
And in yarn news, I was in Ocean State Job Lot, which if you are not familiar with is, as the name suggests, the sort of store where they often get random lots of things, and they had yarn! And grandma sent me some Christmas money... so I didn't restrain myself. Much.

I brought home three skeins in this nice blue-green (photos aren't the greatest, so you may have to take my word for that):
To accent nine skeins of blue.
I'm thinking blanket, but who knows. For $3 a skein, I can find the house-room for it while I decide. And if anyone has suggestions for a fairly simple blanket pattern in a 3-to-1 color ratio, bring it on.



Blogger goosefairy said...

You're better than I am. I do judge. Silently, but I do. I also don't thing I could read that book; it would drive me bonkers!

As to the blanket, you could do what I do when I'm dithering on a pattern. I just look for patterns on Ravelry and see what piques my interest.

9:18 AM, January 11, 2016  
Blogger Alice said...

Oh, I definitely judge!! Especially when the bad grammar is on righteous signs held by hilariously righteous morons ;-)

2:10 PM, January 12, 2016  

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