Monday, March 21, 2011

Light In The Snow (Kind of)

A haiku:

Snow. Today came snow.
Snow. It makes me want to cry.
Snow leads to chocolate.

I honestly believe I would weigh 50 pounds less if my first reaction to such things* was not, "That sucks. Chocolate would make me feel better."

*Things like snow on the first full day of Spring--and on a Monday, no less. Insult, meet injury.

Instant depression: just add snow. And we're supposed to get more later this week. Snow is a four-letter word, all right.

So! Yesterday was a busy day! And not an early night: I'm more likely to be thinking about getting ready for bed at 9:30 PM than to be rolling through the door at that hour.

I was a little extra-sleepy this morning. It didn't help that I woke up, in the dark, wondered hopefully how much time was left before the alarm, and found that it was three minutes. Hrmph.

But anyway! Yesterday! When the sun was shining, and I was happy!

Sigh. Sorry. The snow really had me down today. Ahem. The temperature was cool yesterday (40s), but the sun was out, and it was either a really nice day for winter or a fairly nice early spring day. I spent the morning getting Things done (laundry, bills, dishwasher), so that I could go out later. I wanted to go back to the greenhouses at Wellesley College--remember when I went there last year? Ahhh, yes. Flowers and warmth and hope and ahhhh.

It was wonderful. Peaceful. Hopeful. Warm soft air, lovely plants, flowers, not many other people. It was so soothing, a feeling that I totally lost in the snow today but ahem, look at the pictures and remember.

So that's about one-tenth of the pictures I took; I'll roll others out over time, saving the cactus shots for a bad day (when I'm feeling prickly, get it? get it?).

After that relaxing interlude, I headed on to Legacy Place in Dedham, where I had time for a little shopping before meeting friends for dinner. I wandered around doing something between shopping and sightseeing.

I may have stopped into JP Licks. I admit nothing. But isn't this funny?

And the colors of the paper in the Paper Source store were wonderful. More and more in winter, I crave color.

They also sell some amusing items:

And in another store, a particularly Boston t-shirt:

Eventually, I got tired, so I found a chair in Borders and sat knitting until it was time to meet the group. I had a brief, pleasant conversation with an employee who was a knitter, and also was amused by the juxtaposition of these departments:

Then it was time to meet up with the group. We had a lovely, delicious, laughter-filled, relaxed meal, and I got the perfect fortune in my fortune cookie:
You will soon be surrounded by good friends and laughter.
I already was! I wish the next fortune I get will be, "You will soon get your dream job."

That, sadly, marked the end of the weekend. Bolted home and tried to wind down and get ready for bed.

If weekends were 50% longer, I estimate they would be 83% more awesome.


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