Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Trying-Not-To-Rant Post

I missed going to my stitch and bitch group Monday night due to the tail-end of that migraine, and I didn't go to the other one near work tonight, because I have to do the laundry I didn't get done last weekend*, since I'm going to be away this coming weekend, and the end of the clean underwear is in sight. (That was my intention, but as one of my neighbors has both washers full of clothes and hasn't moved them to the driers, I'm kind of stymied. And thwarted. And ticked off. Ahem.)

*with the migraine and all

Yes, I'm going to Grandma's, which means upstate NY where it's really still winter (boo), but it also means seeing not just Grandma but also my mother, who's been staying there for a few weeks, which is yay! Ah, family, you know? We're weird, but I do love us:

funny pictures - Sanity runs from my family......

You can imagine my feelings about the storm that's supposed to come through on Friday, a day otherwise known as my travel day, are not so positive. Snow. On April first, and that's no joke. Up to a foot of it in Western MA, which of course I will be driving through. I thoroughly disapprove of winter storm watches in April. Holy Maria.

On to happier thoughts, before I pull myself down into snow depression. My knitting has not completely suffered this week, despite the lack of SnB time, due to the happy knitting/exercise bike connection. I rode the bike for 30 minutes last night (20 and then 10), and it does get the knitting done. More tonight!

And speaking of knitting: When weighing the pros and cons of traveling to DC* by train or by plane, is it wrong that my reaction to the longer travel time on the train is, "That's a lot of knitting time!"?

*Not this weekend, it's a different trip.

See, the train is cheaper*, but it takes twice as long as the plane (or more). That's supposed to be the drawback, but what I'm thinking is that plane travel has lost all its allure for me. It gets me where I want to go, granted, and when the distance is unrealistic for me by car or train (Florida, California) then I'll take it, but it's certainly not fun. (I think I remember how exciting it was to fly when I was four or five. I'll never recapture that thrill.) Flying now feels like a chore.

*The Acela isn't cheaper than flying, but that only saves an hour and a half [some high-speed train, eh?] versus the regular trains, and is more than twice the cost, so I don't think that's worth it. I mean yes, I have the money, but I'm too cheap let's-call-it-frugal to spend it without more of a perceived value than that.

On the other hand, it's a few years since I've taken the train. It's longer, yes, but once you're looking at six and a half hours, it isn't much of a step to eight. You get scenery, it's not as cramped, easier to move around ... hmmm. If I have the time (and I do), and I want to take the train, why not just take the train? Worst case*, it's boring or annoying, and I won't do it again.

*I know, real worst case would probably be the train crashing, but you can say that about flying too. I mean the likely worst case.

My goodness, I'm footnotey tonight.

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Mary Ellen said...

I tried knitting while on the exercise bike, and only managed about three stitches! How do you do it? Maybe if I had a recumbent bike...