Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good: Sunday. Bad: Head

I woke around six with a pretty bad headache. Took a pill and went back to bed, slept and slept, woke with the head much better ... which is good, but only relatively. It's been a pretty blah day. Lots of lying on the couch. Patting myself on the back pretty hard for emptying the dishwasher AND hand-washing most of last night's dinner dishes (last one is soaking). Oh, and I cut my nails! Wow, how accomplishy of me. I'd actually like to lie down, but that brings me to:

my head hurts more when I'm lying down
the rest of me is tired and wants to lie down
what to do?

What I've done is try to lie down, but then gotten up again because ow. Carlos is still on the bed, and I'd love to join him but it just isn't feasible right now. He got plenty of lap time on the couch earlier, but I'd be perfectly happy to cuddle up again now. Sigh. Back to the couch, I guess. After leftovers.

Last night's dinner was pretty darn good, happily. The recipe I used for pot roast guidance was this one, and mine turned out well. My roast was smaller (3.45 pounds), so I used one can of soup and half a cup of water, and the gravy tasted fine to me. The mashed potatoes were, well, mashed potatoes, I love'em, nothing new there. The baked corn souffle looked disappointing, as it didn't puff up even a tiny bit, but it tasted good (especially around the edges, which got kind of chewy, yum), and perhaps if it had been called corn casserole I wouldn't have minded the look as much (souffle just sounds puffed-up, right?). I would make it again, though. Maybe try a different pan, maybe beat the egg more. Maybe accept it as it is.

Ow. Time to get the head away from the computer. Happy trails. Go Bruins.

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jekc said...

For your differing body part needs it sounds like you need something like this

I've had to construct something like this out of spare bedding when I couldn't sleep because of a persistent cough which was worse lying down.