Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Wordless, but Word-Light

What's been going on around here, other than the Bruins being baffling? (Seriously, win seven in a row and then lose six of the next seven? WTH?) Well, there have been cats, mostly sleeping:

Including another in the Miri series, "I haz a pillow."

There has been yarn-winding:

There has been swatching:

Admittedly, it's an oddly shaped swatch...

(It turned out I didn't need to make it quite as big as I did at first, but why waste all that time?)

But the bigger problem is that it has three and a half stitches to the inch, and the pattern calls for three. Expect to see a swatch on a different sized needle soon (this was a US 10 and a half).

There has been odd-book-looking:

And there has been blocking. Yes!

Before washing:

And after:

Off to un-pin it!


Leslie said...

Oh, the shawl looks lovely! You need to have someone model it for you for a "glamour shot."

Please do tell about the lovely book "How to Hold an Audience Without the Pope" as the title has me intrigued.

Kate P said...

Behold--Carlos, the "circular but not round" pillow.

Blocking seems like some sort of knitting magic. At least to this knitting muggle.

(WV: "catete"--a term for more than one cat, as in, "I was knitting up a storm while the catete was snoozing away.")

Mom IsAmagpie said...

Ooh your shawl is gorgeous!!!
Your book about your husband being off to war (can't remember the title exactly) reminds me of one I got about being a military spouse. I was horrified that I was expected to host "coffees" that sounded like some kind of fifties throw back. I managed to stay away from a lot of things that book suggested. I feel bad spouses have had to deal with such stupid books for so LONG. Though your picture totally made me giggle.