Friday, June 11, 2021

A Prize for Maggie

It's been a surprisingly full week for me, which is mostly good* but also very tiring, and thinking about detailing all the whys thereof makes me more tired, so let me focus in on one thing, instead of going for the bigger picture tonight.

*Excluding the Bruins, but oh well

At the monthly Newcomers Club luncheons, they draw names to win prizes donate by sponsors, and I won one this month! Though really, it's Maggie who is the winner, as the prize was a basket of cat-specific items from a local pet supply store. Perfect item for our household!

It specifies cat on the side because they also donated a dog one.

It's a really nice selection!

Food, treats...
"This isn't all the toys. I know you missed one. Gimme."
"I'm waiting."
"Thank you!"
She had to wait for me to cut it off the backing, and then she was clearly torn between jumping right on it, or maintaining proper feline aloofness.
But she couldn't resist for long. Sniff...
Whap! Mighty paw of doom engaged.
I actually don't know where it ended up, but we'll have to find it so she can have more fun with it.

And I should go visit that store to thank them, and get some more of those.

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AlisonH said...

That paw! So funny!