Saturday, February 16, 2019

Knitters, Is There a Word For It?

Sometimes, as a knitter, I feel the pull of wanting to start a new project, and another, and another ... startitis is what it's called, and it can be very real.

Now I'm looking for a similar word for buying yarn ... I'm coming up short for a word that captures the essential, stronger-than-standard, ooh-pretty-want-buy impulse that I've been feeling lately--for about the last three months, at least. Shall I sum up?

In December, I went on the local yarn crawl, and bought some nice things, as detailed here.

Also in December, and I don't think I blogged about this one (this turns out to be a theme through this post), I ordered yarn as part of a Winter Solstice package, from a new-to-me dyer called Lady Dye Yarns (clever name, eh?). It was a whole mix of things:
The yarn is labeled as worsted/heavy worsted, 100% wool*, 220 yards, and feels very nice. The colors aren't well-captured in this photo, being lavender/pink with some blue/purple, and doesn't call out to me personally, but I'm sure something/someone will come along that/who it will be perfect for.
*The dyer has two listings on Ravelry for worsted, one merino and one Peruvian wool, and I'm not sure which this is! I have dealt with this by not putting it in my stash there, but I want to have it listed, so...have to do something about that. Pick one, I guess.

The package included a hat pattern, dpns, a pin and a stitch marker...neat stuff.

At the end of December, Blue Moon Fiber Arts announced that they were going to discontinue their BFL Sport yarn, and would be offering a special on dyed-to-order skeins, last chance. I used this yarn when I made the Bigger on the Inside shawl, back in 2012*, and loved it, so I decided to take advantage of the sale. No photos yet, as they got slammed by orders and it hasn't come yet, but be sure I will show it when it gets here!
*Wow, that long ago?

In January, I succumbed to an email from the Loopy Ewe, a yarn store in Colorado, which had a limited-time colorway of Dream in Color Smooshy with cashmere, mmm. Didn't blog this yet either, eh?

Maggie, meanwhile, has adopted the box it came in as The Best Bed Ever, so there it still sits on the lanai.
She's on it all the time. Cats are so weird.

Another "I didn't blog about this?" was at the end of January, when I went to a trunk show for Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns, and had what the Yarn Harlot has called a bit of a falling-down. She makes a fingering-weight yarn called Oh Baby Merino Silk that is simply lovely, and, well. Two more shawls to come.

Are we done yet? No, we are not, for we have reached February. First, this, from another new-to-me, Onyx Fiber Arts:

Pretty, pretty.

Then I was at knitting this week and they had a trunk show of a Florida dyer, Emma's Yarn, and I just couldn't leave this huge, glorious skein there.
And last but certainly not least, I was on Ravelry a while back and stumbled across someone's stash of a yarn I loved that doesn't seem to be available anymore, Maple Creek Farm Fredricksburg, a BFL yarn, light but warm. It's what I used in my Frost Diamonds shawl, which came out so well (wow, that was in 2011?). I originally bought it at Rhinebeck, and they were there a couple of years, but were gone last time, and I can't find anything about them online. Anyway, this person had two skeins of a beautiful colorway, so I sent a message just in case they were willing to sell it, and guess what? Yes!

Whatever you want to call this buy-it-all-itis, I really need to stop it ... but I don't regret a thing.

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