Sunday, September 13, 2015

In Between

Some weekends are fairly accomplishy, and some (fortunately not as often these days) are lost to headaches. This one has been somewhere in between. 

I did, in fact, go to bed super early last Thursday night (I mean, 7:30 is ridiculous even for me), as I said I was going to, and felt much better Friday. 

Unfortunately, I had at least two separate "you moron" moments with guess who during the day, extra unfortunate because we had an after-work gathering and I was going to actually have to see her. But it turned out fine, I didn't have to talk with her that much, and I got to talk to other people, both catching up with the ones I knew and introducing myself to others, and overall it was a plus.

But it was pretty loud in there, so I wasn't surprised that my head felt a little sensitive after. Unfortunately it wasn't better Saturday; in fact, the only reason I went out at all was when two competing sets of landscapers were making too much noise for me to stay home, so I fled. 

The head never got into Severe territory, and I was able to watch TV last night, and then today it was almost normal. But tonight it's degrading again, so I decided to briefly check in here--not dead!--and get ready for early bed again. Hopefully one of these days, I'll be back to the usual long-windedness, but not tonight.

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