Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back atcha, part 1

A comment here, a comment there, and pretty soon there are a bunch of little things I've been meaning to follow up to y'all with. So let's have a pot luck day, okay?

mehitabel said "Now I want to see some cat photos... since I've read about your books (love the Stephenie Meyer ones!) and seen some of your knitting!"
Another Stephenie Meyer fan! Have you gone to her website? I was fascinated by Midnight Sun, which is the start of her rewriting Twilight from Edward's perspective. It's fascinating! Well, duh, I just said I was fascinated. But, as a writer, it's so interesting to see the reimagining of the book from another character, and as a reader, so great to see what Edward was thinking and feeling about Bella's first day at school. I so hope she finishes it and publishes it: I can't be the only one who would buy it, which I would in a heartbeat (Are you listening, Little, Brown?).
As for the cat pictures, there are some in past posts, but here's some kitty porn for today (not recent photos, but hey, they haven't changed):
Above is Harold, looking very relaxed, below Pan, ditto.
And then two for the price of one:
They sleep together all the time, especially in winter, though they also tussle and chase and play-fight all the time. They aren't from the same litter, but I got them at the same time, almost 9 years ago, and they don't know they're not brothers.

MonicaPDX said "how the hell are you supposed to slow down your reading, anyway?...The only thing worse than having to wait a year or so for the next book is to find a wonderful older series, then discover the author never finished it! ::making aversion signs against any possibility of this happening with this author::"
I don't know, Monica, I never decided to be a fast reader. I just is one.
One of my friends will only start a series if the author has finished it, for that very reason. She got burned, though, with a 6-book series that it turned out the author couldn't wrap up in 6, and spread into a 7th book. You can imagine how mad she was, as she finished reading book 6! I'm a little more patient than that ... but not much. Fortunately in this case, from her website it sounds like this author is busily working away editing book 3 and writing book 4, so I'm not too worried (famous last words).
On the other hand, I love the book City of Diamond by Jane Emerson, which was the planned first book of a trilogy that never got finished, and I would love for the author to finish it, only she's off writing for TV now, and although I enjoyed the episodes of House that I know she's written, It Is Not The Same Thing, Thank You.
As for other writers, I was delighted to read on your blog that you're a Georgette Heyer fan. Me too! People who dismiss her as a mere romance writer have no idea of the depth of research that went into her work, but sending any naysayers or pooh-poohers to look at The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Jane Aiken Hodge should clear a few things up. It's a remarkable biography of a remarkable woman.
And, thank you tremendously for linking me to The Things I Will Not Do When I Direct A Shakespeare Production, on Stage or Film. I laughed and snorted and sniggered my way down the list, stopping along the way to say, "Someone did that?" (But someone must have. It's like warning labels. The warning label for the diabetes monitor does not say "Do Not Autoclave" unless someone, somewhere, sometime threw the little sucker into an autoclave. No, really. Even though it takes batteries and has an LCD screen, and, you know, doesn't survive such submersion.) I haven't had time to go all the way through the list; I think it will be a post to itself.

By the way, I may have answered part of my own recent question, when I wondered why on Earth I was whistling Hail to the Chief the other day. Tonight the Bruins were honoring John Bucyk, aka the Chief. I must have seen some reference to it without noticing. That makes more sense than that I was suddenly thinking of the presidency, since I try not to.

Tomorrow may be a snow day, or at least an "I'm not driving in this" day, so this may continue tomorrow. Or, you know, not. I try not to make promises. Sometime, though, for sure! In the meantime, the Bruins won! Didn't have to go to overtime or a shootout, even! Amazing. I think I'll sleep on that, and on a remarkably headacheless day.

Even if I didn't want to go to bed, Pan wants me to. And I'm so sacrificing for the fur-baby...

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