Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rules, or maybe guidelines

One of the things I pondered when I began to think about blogging was disclosure, if that's the right word. Revealing my thoughts and feelings is one thing, but my name and address is something else. I'm not trying to keep this blog secret from anyone (though I'm not exactly renting billboard space along the highway either), and that means I have a few ground rules (which I'm making up as I go along) (and have you noticed how much I like parentheses?).

I'm using my initials and general geographic area, not my full name and actual town. Sort of obvious. I don't expect to be blog-stalked, but then who does?

I'm not giving the name of the company where I work, or talking too specifically about what I do, my coworkers, etc. It's not that I'm worried about letting out secrets, but I like my job, and I wouldn't want them to take anything the wrong way. Laurie calls the company where she works "White Guys in Ties", and I'll try to think up something similarly inspired for myself.

There will be no badmouthing anyone I know who might read the blog, or talk to someone who reads the blog, and so on. The "anyone I know" covers me if I feel the urge to dis Martha Stewart or Mel Gibson, just for example (Martha, what was up with that poncho? I'm still not fully over that monstronsity.). Not that I'm going to be Little Miss Sunshine all the time, but still, I don't want to Start Anything. Or hurt any feelings. (I'm a Libra, I like balance and harmony. I don't really believe in astrology and horoscopes, but I still picture that sign of the scales pretty often.) The idea is that if, on a slow news day, the Boston Globe printed something from my blog, I wouldn't want or need to go into seclusion.

So, strangely enough, by these rules I feel free to brag that I've lost 23 pounds over the last year. I'm pretty proud of myself. And by the way, I'm so impressed with my mother, because when I said I had something to tell her and then simply said "23 pounds," she knew what I meant right away. Very quick, she is. And she stays on top of what's important to me.

That's about it for tonight. My allergies are bugging me no end, and I need to get the contact lenses off the itchy eyes, now. Say good-night, Dick.

Good-night, Dick!

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