Tuesday, August 22, 2006

about feeling those feelings

Laurie's post yesterday got me thinking about my own behavior when I'm feeling bad. Even though I know it's not the healthiest response, I do sometimes get mad at myself for, say, not being able to find something, and demand of the universe why I cannot be more organized. (It's frustrating that my intentions for organization are so much stronger than my follow-through with it. Lots of piles. Lots. Piles.)

After the worst is over, I blow my nose and think about what to do to make myself feel better. This is basically talking myself down off the ledge, and I give myself a better grade here. Sometimes it's action (I'll wash all the dirty dishes, and feel good about the clean counter and sink). Sometimes, it's mental-health restoration, such as a little retail therapy, or reading, or spending time with the cats. They are stress reducers more often than they are stress inducers, bless their little furry hearts. If I'm not home, say at work*, I have photos of them to make me smile and lighten any tension. My computer wallpaper at work right now is good this way:

Isn't he cute? I mean, not that I'm at all partial or biased or anything.

* The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation induces far less stress in me than other places I have worked, as a general rule. My main complaint tends to be how cold it is in the office, and I'm grateful that this is the worst thing I have to complain about. Trust me, I know I have a good life.

Anyway...wait...what was I talking about? Hmmm...well, to summarize What's In My Head lately: the Bruins are reputed to be close to signing Patrice Bergeron, thank heavens; I'm knitting the second legwarmer, it's more than half done; I had a green pepper out of the garden with lunch yesterday; after a disappointing weather day yesterday, today is beautiful. Not bad, really.

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