Sunday, July 02, 2017

Oh, Hey, Knitting: I Do That!

I'm not going to go back and see exactly how long it's been since I've written here about knitting. Let's just say, I think it's been a while. Time to rectify that!

I finished the latest pair of purse socks.
Pattern: as always, Simple Skyp Socks
Yarn: Alexandria, from Maple Creek Farm. Bought at Rhinebeck in 2014.
I really like the play of tones of the browns, but when it came time to pick the next yarn to use, I went waaayyy over into COLOR-land.
Same pattern; Knit Picks Felici yarn. As of last night, I'm into the toe; these have flown along. I've really enjoyed watching the wide stripes develop.
Last week, I also finished the shawl I started about two months ago. Pretty quick, really, considering the size.

Speaking of size, this is the size before I washed it. The squares are two feet wide, so about 5.5 feet long.
This morning I soaked it, pressed the water out, then spread it out again. Even without trying to stretch it, I had to get another square. So that's about seven feet, damp.
While I wasn't worrying about making the overall piece longer, I wanted to try to open the lace along the edge. This is before.
And this is after, so I think I've got what I wanted. We'll see when it dries.
None of these really got the color accurately--it's a deep blue with purple tones--so, that, too, I will have to try again later.


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