Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ugh, Surprise

It is just possible, if you've been reading this blog for a while, or if you know me outside the blog, that you are already aware of this key fact about me: I am not spontaneous. I am a planner, and prefer to have time to plan and prepare, rather than having anything sprung on me. So, can you guess what happened today?

Yeah; an email mid-morning, a follow-up to one the editors didn't get (we're on that distribution list now, better late than never) saying that yes, even people who work full-time remote should be in the office all this week while the bigwigs are here. Whaaaa?

The editorial manager is on vacation this week; this was from his boss, who is a lovely person I have known for a few years now, and asked the other editor and me IF it would be feasible for us to come in. Since I do know better than to nitpick every word, and since I know she's a good person, I did not respond that since the definition of feasible is "possible to do easily or conveniently," then, no, not really. Instead, I said that of course I can go in tomorrow*, to see and be seen, but could we revisit the idea of the whole rest of the week**? And she replied that just tomorrow would be fine. So that's not as bad as having to go in (pointlessly) for three days, but it still left me scrambling with what to wear, what do I need to bring, when do I need to leave in the morning, all that shit that I don't have to consider when working from home.
*Team player! Woo-hoo!
**Not that much of a team player, though.

I like working from home. And Carlos likes me working from home, too, so that's two of us who aren't thrilled about tomorrow. (Better than tomorrow and Thursday and Friday, though.)

Kind of funny that I saw this on Facebook today:


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