Thursday, July 27, 2017


Well, the weather went south again--which, actually, is a poor choice of phrase to use here, if you are literal-minded like I am*. Let me say instead that the weather went downhill; today was cooler than yesterday, around 70 at most, and cloudy, and then the rain came. Which brought up the question of whether to go swimming tonight or not.
*After all, I want to move south, in part for the weather!

Earlier in the day, the forecast called for a lot of thunderstorms, which would have made the decision for me: they make swimmers get out of the pool if there's thunder, and I hardly want to spend the time getting there and back, only to not have a full class. But in fact, the rain has been milder than that, and it looks like it won't be thundery after all. However, the idea of not going had gotten into my head, and, well.

I decided that if I didn't go, I couldn't just spend the whole evening reading, but had to get a few things done around here. So I'll be off doing dishes and so on, but I am absolutely going to bed early tonight. Getting up this morning was way harder than I would like it to be tomorrow.
Though at least it will be Friday.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Is the pool outdoors?

5:18 PM, July 28, 2017  

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