Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Normal for a Knitter

As I have often noted, I'm sure, I am an emotional eater, reaching for food to make me feel better in down times (I'm working on it). A somewhat more positive response I have also noted is an increased desire to knit: just as I feel that the right food will make me feel better, sometimes it seems the right knitting project would do the same. And let's face it, it's a slightly healthier impulse for me!

When the Bruins were kicked out of the playoffs on Sunday, I spent some time trying to choose a new knitting project, one that would soothe the troubled hockey fan. I didn't come up with one; I wanted something that could be more social knitting than Farfalla currently is, but I couldn't pin anything down.

I tried again today, starting with the premise that I like the non-triangular shape of my Bigger On The Inside shawl, which has proven to wear very well. It isn't the first time I'd tried to fill that bill, but this time I found one that I want to try, at least, and we'll see how it goes. I even had more than one choice of yarn to use, in enough quantity, at the recommended weight: three choices, in fact.

All in blue.


So, I am going to be trying the Tidblad shawl, using the Periwinkle Sheep alpaca-merino blend that I got at Rhinebeck in 2014. Please excuse me as I get out the swift and wind some yarn now.


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