Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Into the City Report

So I went into town today, as discussed. And it didn't kill me, but damn, it came close.

(I would like to preemptively turn away any comments on how I could possibly plan to move to Florida if today's heat in Boston was so hard to take. In Florida, when it's hot-and-humid like this, I would never choose to be outside for an hour or more. I do love heat, but air conditioning is also my friend.)

So this morning I got ready for work, in clothing fit to wear in public, and hoicked my computer bag out to the car. Drive to the T, park, take the subway into town. I didn't get a seat (of my choice, that is: at rush hour, I only sit in the end seats by the doors, so I can lean into the side where there isn't another person pressed into me, or I get claustrophobic), but I stood by the door, so I could look out and pretend that I wasn't dripping with sweat. Mind you, the a/c was working, it just had a lot to contend with, given how many people were on and with the doors opening all the time. I had to move a ways in at the last stop before mine, and thus had to do some breathing to get through the way being so crammed in makes me feel. But it was only one stop, and then I could get off and make my way to a bench to wait for the ten thousand other people who got off and were all hurrying. Once they rushed off, I made my way out, and walked slowly (to favor the ankle) to the office.

The view has its moments.
It's just not worth it, to me. Despite the slower pace, I had to stop at Starbucks for a cold drink and some napkins to blot my face off, and I still arrived at the office with wet hair. Do I sweat more than other people? I have no idea, but it's deeply unpleasant.

But I got there! Said hello, found a desk to settle at, got set up. Slowly, slowly cooled down. Did some work. Got to show the other editor around, since this was her first visit to the office and I've been there all of twice before. The work day was fine, if distracting: there were a lot of people there, so lots of conversations going on around me, and I don't know if it was because the conference rooms were full, but I got to listen to one of the sales people behind me giving a product demo, on the phone, for half an hour... Do I find it harder to tune out background noise than other people do? Again, no idea. Headphones would help, if I had to do this in-office thing a lot, but thank all the gods I don't. Today was just the kind of show-up-and-be-seen event that drives me crazy--the bigwigs don't talk to us, why should we all have to be there?--but at least it's rare.

The other editor and I ended up leaving mid-afternoon, to avoid the thunderstorms that were forecast to sweep through: I really didn't want to get drenched, but it also made a great excuse not to stay until rush hour. We walked to South Station together, where she was catching a bus back to Nashua (which is about 50 miles away, you think that I didn't want to go in), and I walked slowly to the T, and this time did get a seat, thankfully. So I sat there wondering if I would need to get into a cold shower when I got home, then pulled out the tablet to distract myself for the rest of the ride.

It took me about an hour and 20 minutes to get to the office in the morning (which includes the Starbucks stop), and only about an hour and five minutes to get home. (And I got lucky: the Green Line had major problems this afternoon, the kind that had people evacuating out of trains and walking down tunnels, holy cow, there but for the grace of something go I). Once I got home, getting out of the office clothes was the first order of business (well, after feeding the cat), followed by ice water to drink, ice pack for the ankle, and the fan on: half an hour thusly on the couch and I felt much better.

But still exhausted! I set up the computer and was going to put another hour in, but my brain seems to have turned to mush. Tomorrow it is, then.

And here comes that thunder. Yuck.


Blogger goosefairy said...

I think the reason they want all hands on deck for the big wigs is to give the background impression of busy busy busy. Sucks. As to the noise aspect of it, you would not survive a day in my office. We have an open floor plan, which I detest, and one coworker in particular who is very very loud. People joke you can always tell when he's in because you can hear him all over the floor. He's also hyper and walks around a LOT talking to people and he does not have an indoor voice. OMG. He also uses the F word a LOT. Yeah. I'm really fortunate I work from home every Wednesday. It breaks the week up nicely but I also miss some really interesting drama at times!

7:59 AM, July 13, 2017  

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