Monday, July 03, 2017

A Quick, Bright Thought

Last week, the bulb in my Ott lamp started flickering, and I went to order a new one. I didn't think it had been replaced recently, but I was surprised to see that I last bought one in December of 2012! Over four and a half years, wow. That's a decent return on the cost (which was less this time than it was then; but of course Amazon is weird that way).

And now I can read on the couch again without a flashlight.

With reading glasses.
My close-up vision is starting to diminish, I've noticed over the last few months, and my eye guy said it's best to wait to try the lens options (bifocal, multi-focal, etc) until I really need them. He suggested I try +1 readers and see how that worked for me, and how often I need them, and maybe I can go a year or two before the lens thing. Apparently people tend to adjust better when they really need them.  ;)

So I splurged on this $3 pair at Ocean State Job Lot, and now if I have a splinter, I don't need to take my contacts out to find it. And for books where the print is mysteriously a little smaller than it used to be, they help, too. It's a new cycle of life to be in...


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