Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Happy Bookish Surprise

The only thing better than getting a free book in the mail is getting a free book in the mail that you had forgotten all about requesting.

(Well, "only thing better" in this context, of course. I mean, winning the lottery would be better than getting a free book in the mail. Note to self: buy lottery ticket.)

Some little while ago, I don't even remember where, I saw a link to click on to request a new kids book that's coming out this fall, Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow, by Jessica Townsend. I don't even remember if I read about the book before that or after, though probably before, or why would I have wanted it? In any case, I do remember thinking, as I filled out the online form, "Yeah, right, they're just going to send this to everyone who asks for one, sure."

Well, guess what? I went out this morning to go to the grocery store, and found this on the doorstep.
Thank you, Hachette/Little Brown!

So once I got home, and had some lunch, I cracked it open, and oh yeah, good book! It sucked me right in. Good characters, interesting premise, didn't-see-it-coming developments, all that. If you like kids books, I highly recommend. It's coming out in October.

And I already want the sequel.


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Cool! Thank you for the recommendation! I'm beginning to be at the stage where I need to know what good books to give my grandkids besides, say, Dr. Seuss.

12:11 AM, July 16, 2017  

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