Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Extra Exercise Ouch

My exercise program has had its first casualty, and the only good thing to say about it is that no harm was done to my own body, beyond the "harm" that exercising itself brings. I've been swinging the Ott light over to illuminate my knitting when I ride, and the other night I apparently left it badly balanced. I had gone into the bedroom when I heard a crash, and found that the lamp had fallen over, ejecting the bulb in the process. Wait, there's something else good I can say about this: the bulb did not smash and make a nasty mess all over. However, it certainly broke within, as it no longer works, and I've ordered a replacement.

I miss having such good light! Particularly as I started a new project last night. Here it is after the first repeat:
Fairly simple pattern, for lace. It's called California Dreamin', and is by the same designer as my favorite sock pattern.
The yarn is my Rhinebeck splurge, the mink lace-weight from Grinning Gargoyle. It's a dream to work with so far.

As I was on the second repeat, Bunny pointed out that it was the perfect size for someone already.
But sadly for him, I'm going to be selfish on this one. Sorry, bunny!

I'll close with a little seasonal whimsy, hockey style (thank to Puck Daddy for the link--who else?). The minor league team the Toledo Walleye have done a video to the Drifters classic White Christmas, and it's so bad it's great. (Seriously: the Toledo Ballet helped them with choreography! But they are still hockey players...) Enjoy!


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