Monday, January 09, 2017

Back to Yesterday, Ahead to Friday

Last night, I was too tired to even list all the reasons I was so tired last night; I got a lot done, but at the cost of sore arms and back, and frayed temper. Still, I'll try to focus on the "got a lot done" part, which included:
  • Shoveling the car out; just 20 minutes, as six inches of powder is easier to shift than heavier snow would be, but still tiring. And cold!
  • Taking four loads of laundry to the laundromat. It's nice to be able to do four loads at once, but it's just as much work as doing it at home, in terms of lifting*, you just do that in less time, so not much benefit, really. Ow. Also, cha-ching, not as cheap! Still, what price clean underwear?
  • Put the laundry away, emptied the dishwasher, ate lunch, showered, and went to the movies with friends--we saw Hidden Figures, and it was great!
  • Picked up some groceries. I feel like I do that a lot. Managed not to buy ice cream. Really want to eat ice cream.
*Or more, actually, with the added carrying to the car and to the laundromat, and back, instead of just down to the basement.

So I don't think it was so super-much to do, it's just that a lot of it was lifting and my arms were achy-shaky by last night. Which does not put me in a good mood, for some reason.

Neither does work, often, though I am trying to be chill and see what happens. It is nice to be back to our normal pace, instead of the pre-end-of-year frenzy. But I have to go into the office on Friday (into the big city, eep; I am such a suburbs mouse), for a presentation and then a dinner that I think is supposed to make up for no holiday party last month. Cocktail dress not required, oh good! But how fun it will be, in January, to hoick around my computer all day and evening, while in semi-formal attire.

Also, we heard today that the new boss, the woman I just met in November, is leaving. Already. So what will happen next? Who knows?

To quote myself, "I will try to be prepared, but not worried. Though that's a balancing act, isn't it?"


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