Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Looking Back to Florida (part one)

Well, let's take a look at the rest of the photos from Florida, shall we? Before January is half gone? Not that that can happen soon enough, but anyway. I won't do all the photos, there are too many for one day, but I'll try to get a good chunk in

Oh, and start with a picture from before I got there. Can anyone tell me why a Norwegian Air plane has a Spanish explorer on the tail?
Let me backtrack first, and remind you that I did blog a little from Florida, and after I got home:
But that leaves a lot to cover! From the flower, outside the grocery store, being all "What's December?"
To the cat, hanging out outside the restaurant where we had lunch:
To these boat dock spaces, which appear to have been randomly numbered, which made me twitchy:
I mean, 17-8-4? What the hell, man.

That was on the day we took a boat tour, and while the weather, unfortunately, was not great, the tour itself was pretty neat. Lots of birds, as well as water and nature views.

Birds will perch on anything.
All sorts of birds.
Not a manatee, despite the sign.
Blurry, but yellow feet!
Doesn't it look like that branch wouldn't hold him?
Light on water.
You can see the high-tide line on the leaves.
Pelicans, being horizontal and vertical.
"Are you looking at me?"
"Honestly! No peace out here!"
The other side of the Snook! I'm used to the view from, not the view of.
More perching.
I do not know WHAT was up with this house.
I mean, how much do you have to love McDonald's?
This boat name, now, I can get behind.
Yes, it's someone's foot, but check out the tattoo!
Birds, hunting.
Bird flying (right of center in front of the trees).
And that's the best of the boat tour! I'll try to get to more soon.


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