Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Coming Up: Boston Women's March

As I've mentioned recently, I'm going into Boston on Saturday for the Boston Women's March (along with about 60,000 others, apparently), and the organizers have been encouraging people to post photos of their walking shoes, and why they're marching, on Facebook. I did take the picture, but I didn't go into why, since it's something I have had trouble articulating. So I will do something I almost never do, here or in real life, and talk politics.

I am fairly Democrat-leaning; while I was never  particularly pro-any one candidate in the recent election, the chances are far higher that I would have been pleased with any Democrat who won than I would have been with any Republican. But the winner is far beyond any problems I might have with party lines. The next President is horrifying to me, for so many reasons, all of which have been well articulated elsewhere. The idea of putting a wall along the border, registering Muslims, his own actions mocking a reporter with a disability, the words out of his own mouth about getting away with sexual harassment because he's powerful, all of these things and so many more...

And he's so thin-skinned. How in the world is that going to work out well for the country and the world? When he can't even accept being parodied on SNL?

So, when the March in Washington was first mentioned, while I felt overwhelmed at the idea of going, it was for the logistics, all the unknowns in getting there and what might happen--not because I didn't want to make my voice heard. And when I heard about the March in Boston, I thought, That I can manage.

I am far from an expert in getting around Boston (witness last Friday), but I am at least somewhat familiar with it. I've lived in the area for a lot of years. I can navigate the T. I know where the Common is. If I get overwhelmed by the crowd, I can make alternate plans. It feels manageable. I am going in with friends, but I would not panic if we got separated (as I think I would in Washington, to be honest; I do have friends who are going there, and more power to them, but not me).

I'm not going to carry a sign, but if I did, it would probably be one of these, which are amazing. I'm not just marching for myself. Stronger together, indeed.

So here are the boots (unless we get a heat wave, in which case I'll switch to sneakers, but these are very comfortable as well as warm), and the shirt I will wear (over layers).
(The shirt came from a veterinarians conference, but still, I think it fits this occasion.)

I didn't put in the second pussy hat I made, but I'll be wearing that, too. If you see me, say hi. Peace, friends.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

We have this, in yard-sign form, which we will probably bring:

7:00 PM, January 18, 2017  

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