Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Oh Hai

I don't seem to have quite mastered the art of blogging after exercise, have I? I mean, sometimes I do, but more often than not I have found myself sprawled on the couch, petting the cat to make up for having abandoned him, while groaning every time I move, and not producing even minimal content. And since I already had a spotty record of posting Monday nights after stitch and bitch, well. Hi, here I am!

I had some good news this morning when the plumber came--not something you can say every time you have a plumber story, right? I called him because I found a leak under my kitchen sink, which was coming when I ran the faucet (as opposed to if I just poured liquid down the drain). It turns out that there was a loose thing on the sprayer mechanism; he tightened it, and ran the water for a long time while checking it, but no more drips. He said to watch it for a few days to be sure and call him if I see anything, but it looks fine so far. And he didn't even charge me! What a nice guy.

I had to go into the office on Monday for computer work, meaning that I spent several hours sitting there, knitting or reading, and got paid for it, how about that? The computer even still works, though it didn't want to let me log in yesterday morning, and I had to use my own computer to get someone in the office to tell me what to do (try a different password). They are supposedly making the Big Sweeping Change (to the email and server) this weekend, so it will be fun to see what Monday brings.

Less fun was hearing the news that the head of the office is leaving the company; I didn't get to see him much, but he's a really nice guy, I've always liked him, and I will be sorry not to cross paths with him even as rarely as we did. I hope his new opportunity is a good one. And that the office doesn't rock too much without him! Who knows what They will do. I will try to be prepared, but not worried. Though that's a balancing act, isn't it?


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