Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Looking Back to Florida (part two)

After yesterday, who's ready to see more Florida photos? You are? Excellent!

Palm fronds waving.
Birds massing on the invisible sandbar.
On the side where there's no beach, a passing boat looks like it might be on the grass.
Parasailers, nearer and farther.
In case you forgot it was a Christmas visit, here's a card my mother got.
Not suitable for everyone, mind, but for the right person? Perfect.

Another reminder that it was Christmas was the Santa on the red motorcycle.
Because of course.

Beach walking on Christmas day is nice, if you were wondering.
I do like the rainbow sails.
A flocks of birds feeding.
And sand sculptures. Never seen pyramids before!
That was a lot of work.
It was just a beautiful day,
We had a drink at a hotel beach bar, then walked back. Can you tell this guy was focused on a nearby fisherman?
At home, a different bird awaited: my aunt made cream puff swans. Here's mine, awaiting it's chocolate bath, yum!
And sunset comes again.
It was the last one of that visit, but not the last one for very long; JetBlue had a fare sale last week, and I snagged a trip in February. Having that warm to look forward to is helping me get through January! And with the $75 credit they gave me when my flight down was so delayed (four hours!), it was under $100, which is not expensive for going to Florida in February. Ahhh!


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