Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's Wednesday (that's the best I can do)

So, do you want to know how my plan for last night went? Well, part one, to go to bed early, I managed. In fact, lights out by 8:30! The Bruins were ahead 2-1, but as I had no faith in them*, I didn't much mind turning it off. Getting in bed felt great.
*It turned out that while they did indeed blow that lead, they won in OT, and Pasta broke his scoring slump doing it, so those are two good things.

Part two of the plan, though, "perhaps have more energy," did not happen. It irks me mightily to be so tired, after I was in bed long enough even by my standards. I also awoke with a slight headache, which has been off and on all day, so that may be throwing the results off, but still, ugh. What's it like not to be tired all the time, I wonder?

It was kind of a grouchy day anyway. The work part of work is fine, I finished up a few chapters of a report I got, which had enough mistakes to feel my edits were necessary, but not so many that I wanted to hunt down the writer and smack him with a dictionary. Some of the background, admin stuff was annoying, though.

When our office moved from the suburbs into the city late last year, I said that of course I would go in when it was necessary. I never thought that would end up meaning I'd have to go in three times within a month, though, and even if the reasons are (mostly) valid, it's kind of annoying. Not only do I love working from home, and appreciate being able to concentrate, but going into the city is both a pain and expensive.

On Monday we heard that the new head of the division will probably be starting on Feb. 15 (which I have no problem showing up for), and also that a bigwig would be in the office next Tuesday, and would hold an "information session" for us (no word on information about what), and that "it would be great to see as many of you as possible in person in the office that day."

Now, I am a person who likes clearly defined expectations for my job. If I have to go in, say so, and I will, without much complaint (to them, anyway; that's what friends, and blogs, are for); if instead, people who want to advance at the company would find it to their benefit to be there getting face-time with a bigwig, then let me off the hook. I decided that the message was code for "probably better go," and planned to.

This afternoon, the editorial manager said to us (on our Skype chat) that we need to do review meetings next week, and could we plan to come in? And Tuesday would be too crazy with the bigwig (which may or may not prove to be true), so what about on Monday, when he was going in for his own review? We had some discussion about what-about-Tuesday, and he said that he wasn't planning to be there two days in a row, so that ruled out Tuesday for him. We agreed to be there Monday ... and then half an hour later he was back to say that his boss had cancelled being in on Monday, but suggested they could do his review over the phone, so he figured he could do ours that way, too. I'm fine with that, and said so, adding the question of was Tuesday then back on? And he said that it's up to me, but he won't be there.

So what am I supposed to do with that information? He agreed earlier that they don't communicate clearly on such things, but he isn't, either. I guess I'll probably go--I accepted the invite, so it would look weird to back out now for no reason--but damn it, why can't they use words to mean things?

Grump, grump, grump. Off to knit myself into a better mood. If it doesn't work, well, I'll still have the knitting.


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